Modenine & Teck-Zilla ft. AWKWORD – Collage

Modenine and Teck-Zilla ‘Collage’ featuring AWKWORD.

Modenine returns today with Teck-Zilla and this new single titled ‘Collage‘. This new single discusses the darkness that is in the music business. The ritual that take place with some has been well traveled and there are many stories that so say are true. With some artists becoming successful, you have to wonder if the stories are true.

‘Collage’ features an artist that we know well that goes by the name of AWKWORD. Some of the lyrics from the single are “You partake in rituals so you can blow Do the money phone and shut down every show/ To your fanbase your image white like snow/But on the contrary your getting sodomized for the doe.”  Modenine and Teck-Zilla recently released a new album, ‘Esoteric Mellow‘ which this single lives.

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