Donwill ft. Von Pea & Ilyas – Uppermost

Donwill Announces New Album & Release’s New Single 'Screens' Featuring Quelle Chris

Donwill returns with his new single ‘ Uppermost’ featuring Von Pea and Ilyas.

A few weeks after recently re-releasing their classic debut, Brooklynati, on vinyl for the first time ever, it’s only right that for Donwill’s HipNOTT Record’s debut, he teams up with his Tanya Morgan cohort Von Pea to tap into a bit of that group chemistry for himself.  The duo locked in to create One Word No Space, which serves as the MC’s first full-length solo-outing since Don Cusack In High Fidelity (2010).

Von Pea’s signature ‘bat crack’ sound provides an ample bed of hard drums and emotive loops for Don to bare his soul over and formally reintroduce himself.  One Word No Space is a jarring jaunt with high replay value that also features collaborations with Lessondary spitters such as Paul Barman, IIyas, Rob Cave, Von Pea and Quelle Chris.

After premiering the projects lead single, “Screens,” featuring Quelle Chris, Donwill releases the project’s second-single “Uppermost”—and it includes a familiar cast.

“Uppermost” features Ilyas and Von Pea, as he holds down double duties and offers some serious low end on the production side.

“This song is supposed to be called ‘Believe It,’ but when Von sent the beat it was called “Uppermost” and I just let that inform my writing to the point where it became a song about being in the ‘Uppermost’ tier of what we do” Donwill lamented.  “Von wanted me to change the song title so I just used a phrase from the hook. However, my subconscious sabotaged that, as when I was finalizing the artwork I wrote ‘Uppermost.’ IIyas guests as well, he left the group for reasons, but he’s my brother for life.”

“My verse is about my past, present and future as a man” Von Pea stated.  “We’re in a blessed position where our so called underdog status is now a superpower and it’s coming out in all of our new music.”

 â€œOne Word No Space is great album. It’s one of the things that I’m most proud of to this day. It’s an album about identity and it deals with how I see myself. It’s a pretty personal body of work. Whereas Don Cusack focused on romantic relationships this one focuses on my relationship with myself. It’s like my twitter timeline set to music. It’s great. Trust me.”

Donwill’s One Word No Space will be released on July 19.

Yoel Molina Law

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