Rockboy G’z “All About Da Rockboy G’z” Single

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Legendary ‘hitmaker’ D/R Period and Rockboy G’z unite to kick off deviant mob domination in “All About Da Rockboy G’z.”

“All About Da Rockboy G’z is a most def turn the speakers up and bang this s*it type of situation. Puff Daddy called in Lil Kim, The Lox, and B.I.G to blaze up…This time D/R Period called in the Rockboy G’z (Berry Goodz, Big Smooth, Rah iLL , Thunny Brown , Cuzzo Sosay, & FLY TY) to come in buss shots and street sweep the whole party.” -Fly Ty

The G’z, one of Hip Hop’s most notorious collectives, deliver five minutes of mayhem and hard truths. Each member brings forth their A-game for a lyrical blood bath in the streets and in the booth.

This crew of mobster shot-callers are no amateur to the scene, the G’z get around and shut it down. Stream “All About Da Rockboy G’z” and connect with them below.

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Enjoy bonus video featuring Fly Ty of Rockboy G’z below.

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