Deon D. Jenkins – Put Us In The Debates

Deon D. Jenkins releases this new freestyle titled ‘Put Us In The Debates’.

Late last year Deon D. Jenkins (aka Alpha Leo) made noise when he decided to go at Eminem when he released ‘The Great White Hype‘. It appeared that many Eminem fans did not appreciate the attack on their favorite artist. However, Deon D. Jenkins did not back away.

Deon D. Jenkins has now thrown his hat into the presidential race for 2020. He is running on “reparations” and aims to restore what was taken from Black people in the United States.

Today Deon has released this new freestyle discussing the corruption in politics. He is demanding that the Democratic National Committee put him in the debates. Listen to ‘Put Us In The Debates‘ below and leave a comment.

If you want to help him become President, contribute to his GoFundMe fundraiser.

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Yoel Molina Law

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