MaLLy – Anymore

MaLLy is back with his new single he calls ‘Anymore’.

The last time we heard from one of Minneapolis’ finest, was in 2014 when he released his breakthrough project The Colors of Black, which featured Atmosphere’s Slug.

Since then, MaLLy has taken time to live life and regain clarity; both physically, emotionally and mentally.  “I am pretty damn proud of this album and excited for people to listen to it. The messages and themes that kept coming up for me were around self-empowerment, spirituality, being happy with what you have and defining who you are’ MaLLy commented.

Though he experienced what some may label music industry burn-out after the release of The Colors of Black, linking up with a new producer gave MaLLy a new perspective.  “Working with PC (the main producer) was a breath of fresh air because his sound was completely different than any other producer I had worked with. From the samples all the way down to the infectious basslines and alluring keys it was a match. Also, the conversations we had inspired me to write from some vulnerable places that liberated me from all the internal voices of self-doubt I had in my head.”

Getting back into the studio with a producer who inspired MaLLy also re-invigorated his creative spirit and resulted in some of the best music of his career with The Journey To A Smile. “Creating this record caused me to fall back in love with making music, live life in the moment, spend little to no time on social media and remove alcohol from my diet completely. I gained so much clarity and truly believe it was meant to be this way. This newfound mental space and perspective is one I intend to work with from here on out.”

The Journey To A Smile was made with the intention of sharing what it’s like to celebrate life in the moment as it is. “I believe all people have one thing in common and it’s the desire to be happy, even if it’s only for a moment. Whatever path we take to get to happiness, or a smile, might be different but we all yearn for it. I believe that we are all on a journey to experience it. This album is a reflection of that.”

Today, MaLLy is proud to share the first single, “Anymore,” from The Journey To A Smile, “Anymore” was exclusively premiered by HipHopDx. 

“Anymore” is MaLLy’s candid appraisal of personal experiences, motivations and desires that were once fruitful in the past, but only led to suffering.  Fast forward to present day, he confidently questions it all rhyming over an alluring soundscape with a comfortable delivery and thought provoking message.

MaLLy’s The Journey To A Smile will be released on September 24.

Yoel Molina Law

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