Young RJ & Mega Ran ft. Abstract Orchestra – Pray

Young RJ and Mega Ran release the new ‘Pray’ single featuring Abstract Orchestra.

Born out of mutual admiration for one another, and a mutual love for the art form of hip-hop. Mega Ran and Young RJ have teamed up to make a run through the music game together.

Young RJ is the stalwart producer for Detroit legends Slum Village, and Mega Ran has built a reputation as the heavyweight champion of alternative hip-hop. Together, the two humble emcees hope to push their message farther than it has ever gone before. 

With modesty and respect for those in the game who came before them, Mega Ran and Young RJ hope to use their relatable and very real story to reach the ears of new listeners. With their first project, 2HandsUp RJ and Ran are hoping to fill a gap that they see in the music game today. 

Ran and RJ is starting the year off strong with their debut single and video “Pray” with Europe’s own Abstract Orchestra & Daru Jones, produced by Young RJ. It is the lead focus track off their upcoming full-length album 2HandsUp due out March 2020. 

“I’m just so proud of this project with Young RJ. It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to use my talents for a project that veers more toward traditional mainstream hip-hop. I think RJ and I have a lot to say together and “Pray” is going to say a lot of it, while “2HandsUp” subtly implants those ideas into your brain at some points, and bluntly shouts them into your face at others. We are both really happy with how “Pray” came out and with 2HandsUp,” Mega Ran 

The excitement for this project is mutual…. Mega Ran’s work ethic is crazy, He is a pure lyricist. His talent pushed my production skills up some levels and that’s what I needed. 

This is a game changer!” -Young RJ

Yoel Molina Law

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