All Hail Y.T. & General Back Pain – The Secret Lair

All Hail Y.T. and General Back Pain are preparing to release their new album tomorrow titled ‘Classic Villains’. Ahead of the album they have dropped ‘The Secret Lair’ single.

When you think of ‘Classic Villains’ who comes to mind? Some might say Darth Vader or The Joker. Others may cast their vote for Hannibal Lecter or maybe Palpatine. Whomever it is, each is good at making you believe they are something other than who they really are.

Today All Hail Y.T. and General Back Pain drop the new single, ‘The Secret Lair‘ off their upcoming album ‘Classic Villains‘ with a track produced by Tars One. The smooth track will lead you to believe that All Hail Y.T. and General Back Pain did not come to open up your head to the white meat.

Villains often come in disguise in order to inflict the most harm. Do not get caught not paying attention out here or you could end up their next victim. Listen to ‘The Secret Lair‘ below and prepare yourself for the album tomorrow.

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