GFTD ft. Jackie Paladino – Soothe The Soul

GFTD connects with Jackie Paladino over the 88-Keys produced ‘Soothe The Soul’.

Using the video as a launching point now that the 2nd Generation WU legacy is well underway with the debut of single “7.O.D.” last Fall and now with “New Generation,” iNTeLL and PXWER have set off on a new branch of the WU Family Tree by coining their new project GFTD. “When we launched ‘7.O.D.’ back in November, we had more than just the two of us to represent 2nd Generation Wu,” he explains, in response to similarities in the grand ‘father and kid’ combos that include the Lennons, the Marleys, the Kravitzes, the Dylans, the Coles, the Zappas and the Van Halens among others.

“Now, because SunGod [son of Ghostface Killah] is on Tour with GFK and YDB [son of the late Old Dirty Bastard] is on tour with WTC, me and PXWER have decided to be GFTD. Pronounced ‘Gifted’, also an acronym stating Go For The Dream or Going For The Dome became our music will expand your mind,” he continues.

Now, as they continue prep on the upcoming GFTD album, iNTeLL and PXWER are looking forward to the new stage in their continuation of the WU legacy. “Every few years, Hip-Hop reaches within itself to bring out something new,” he concludes. “This nostalgic sound from the new generation became what we now know as 2nd Generation Wu (Pxwer, SunGod, YDB & iNTeLL) from the gathering of royal hip hop lineage. ‘7.O.D.’ was born and The World was awakened to a different but familiar style that Hip-Hop seemed to have found within itself.

However, there’s even more departments within 2GWU just like from ‘Wu-Massacre’ and ‘Wu-Block’ from the original Wu lineage. After digging deeper into 2nd Generation Wu, we unearthed the GFTD. Comprised of 2nd Generation Wu members iNTeLL and PXWER this dynamic duo expresses the greatness embedded in their DNA as they formulate their own ways to uplift and educate the masses through longevity and timeless music.”

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Yoel Molina Law

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