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Cambatta returns with this creative new single titled ‘Mic El JahXsun’.

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), is a hallucinogenic chemical compound, first synthesized in 1938. Upon its introduction into popular culture in the 1960’s it quickly shifted not only the mind of the artist but also the person experiencing the art. 

Cambatta, who is known for his thought-provoking and psychedelic-inspired rhyme techniques; dense new forthcoming album, LSD, is just as the title insinuates. Mind-bending and consciousness shifting. When you discover Cambatta, it’s like the first time you heard Immortal Technique or Ras Kass, but with the black Timothy Leary as your tour and lifestyle guide.   

LSD was created throughout four years of both psychedelic usage and reality-based life-changing events, making it a duality of both real and surreal interpretations. The album’s title is also an acronym for “Lunar Solar Duality” alluding to the album’s dichotomy of light and dark conceptualizations and countless other polarizing and multi-entendre-latent compositions. Whether you have ever experienced LSD or not, this album is sure to impact anyone receptive and perceptive enough to take a dose.

“Mic El JahXsun” is Cambatta’s audiography of sorts on Michael Jackson.  In his own words, “on “Mic El JahXsun” I give you four and a half minutes of bars that tells the whole chronological story of Michael Jackson while rhyming every single line with his name from beginning to end.”

“Mic El JahXsun” Lyrics:
My name is Michael Jackson, perfect mix of white and black skin

Nose carved by the finest craftsmen
Moonwalk across ice in Aspen, modern Christ of Nazareth
Beyond anything the mind imagined
I look like Michael Jackson, golden shoulder pads on shiny jackets
Diamond brightly blinding when the lights are flashing
Wild fashion matching, back when ‘Member the Time was platinum
Like Aladdin when his wife is Jasmine
She look like Michael Jackson
Are these bones in my face or some type of plastic?
I named my son Blanket, cuz when he was born
That’s what he was tightly wrapped in
Stories never-ending I feel like Sebastian
But more like Michael Jackson
Man’s body that a child’s trapped in, instead of playing it’s most likely practice
Joseph hit me with a violent thrashing, work us like we addicts
Spirit stifled stagnant, daddy I ain’t faggot
I give a kid a hug, people think I’m trying to grab him
Call it pedophile’s actions, but I’m just Michael Jackson
Asexual, inside retracted
Suppressed libido shifts the high mind synaptics
Space-time collapses spinning like a cyclone
Twisting like a spiral traveling, til I’m not spinning
Like a dreidel to a righteous Catholic
Jehovah’s witness on the night of Sabbath, I’m a magnet to divine attraction
Expressing rhythm with a primal passion
Dancing in the silent blackness, stepping in formation with the tribal patterns
Guided by this valley of the Nile magic
I follow shadows sundials cast in
I think I’m Michael Jackson
The one that MK Ultra spiked with acid on the night of homicidal passage
I’m not a DJ, but I was still breathing in the body bag
Clawing fingers vinyl scratching
To the sounds of Michael Jackson
I’ll strike a match stick in the driest cabin, fire blasting I’m Spyro the tiny dragon
Burn this entire labyrinth and hide the ashes
I’ll write Michael Jackson in bold, underline italics
Uppercase subtitled captions
Mike El, Mikha’el
Which means Who is Like God when defined in Latin
Deeper than the cytoplasmics, quite elaborate
Watching movies in my mind make my eyelids spasm
If you could read my mind you’d hear a psycho laughing
Back yard got a lion and a tiger napping
Rollercoaster too, keep your seatbelts tightly fastened
Metaphor for the life I’m having
After a day of brain surgery
I enhance my third eye with glasses, I’ve discovered what your science hasn’t
Divide a fraction to a final fragment
The universe is a uterus having wide contractions
I found a pen and the bible happened
I signed it Michael Jackson
Media stressing need a spinal tapping, they killed me and Prince
Whenever lightning happens it’s the titans clashing
Crotch tightly grab it
Ladies passing out, got them falling like Mike Tyson jabbed them
Lisa Presley and Naomi Campbell tried to have him
But I denied their passes
Best womb is the test tube
Million other Michael Jacksons aborted inside of napkins
I cry every time it happens
They call me Michael Jackin’
My doctor was a trifling bastard
He’s the reason why I’m relapsing
Forever I’m relaxing
I didn’t get to say bye to Katherine
Michael Jackson

From the darkness, Michael Blackson
From the pipe, Michael Crackson
From the music, Michael Jazzson
I’m not my dad’s son

Cambatta’s LSD will be released on July 21 via Mello Music Group.

Yoel Molina Law

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