Cuban Pete – Bob Has No Food

Cuban Pete has a word for some White people with the release of ‘Bob Has No Food’ produced by BoFaat.

“With everything going on right now I wanted to say something but as a white Hip-Hop artist felt I should address some of my fellow people who may not understand certain things.” These are the words from Cuban Pete.

All Lives Matter is often the response to Black Lives Matter and I wanted to explain to those people how although true to an extent it does not help with the main point that black lives are the ones in danger.

This track is not an attempt to silence anyone but rather to explain and educate.

I wasn’t going to release the track fully at first as I don’t want to be seen as trying to make a profit off what is happening. I do feel it needs to be heard though. Which is why I’m sending it to you.

As an artist I feel it has an important message so I have released it fully so people can stream on their preferred platform. I would ask to point people to the Bandcamp site where they can stream it and download it for free if they wish, and there is a full mission statement and lyrics.

Listen ‘Bob Has No Food‘ produced by BoFaat below.

Yoel Molina Law

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