SadGirlsClub Delivers New Single, “Voices In My Head”

SadGirlsClub - Voices In My Head

SadGirlsClub makes her SpitFireHipHop debut with her single, “Voices In My Head.”

SadGirlsClub is a female Emo rapper from Alabama. Her song “Voices In My Head” dives deep into SadGirlsClub’s own head. She struggles with mental health a lot and that ultimately brings issues into her relationships. On the song she talks about hearing voices in her head that tell her partner is being unfaithful.

SadGirlsClub has stated that trust issues is something she deeply struggles with and it causes her to always think people are out to get her including in romantic relationships. She raps “they say you don’t love me, tell me I’m your only” meaning she is seeking constant validation from her partner that everything is okay. This song is a representation of what a lot of women feel whilst in relationships, especially the insecurity aspect.

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