Stove God Cooks Taps French Montana On “Dope” Single

Stove God Cooks ft. French Montana - Dope

Stove God Cooks makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “Dope” featuring French Montana.

Syracuse-bred rapper Stove God Cooks might be a leading voice of hip-hop’s gritty, lyrically-inclined renaissance, but his aspirations can’t be confined to one lane — Cooks wants to be mentioned in the same breath as today’s most popular hip-hop acts. After dishing an assist to fellow Babygrande Records artists The Yutes on “In the Kitchen,” Stove God Cooks continues demonstrating his commercial viability by linking with French Montana on his debut 2021 single, “Dope.”

Spitting over a textured guitar-accented instrumental, Stove God Cooks and French Montana take turns speaking on their respective trap experiences. While many aspects of this hustle have been glamorized in the media, Cooks and Montana deliver honest portrayals of this double-sided coin — the pitfalls, the glamor, the grey area that permeates the whole. The two suture pensive tales with authentic perspectives. “Dope” aptly manifests Stove God Cooks’ eclectic abilities, as his captivating melodies combine with his lyrical sword to cut a vivid image and a memorable record.

Dope” is a microcosm for Cooks’ waxing versatility. While his resume touts him as a hero for hip-hop purists, evidenced by his prized collaborative Reasonable Drought album with Roc Marciano, “Dope” ascertains Stove God Cooks’ ability to effectively navigate burgeoning hip-hop pockets with aplomb. A master of the fundamentals, Cooks’ is augmenting his foundation with sonic nuances to yield a dynamic product.

Stove God Cooks’ preternatural linguistic command has earned him co-signs from Billboard, Complex, DJ Booth, among others. But it’s his relentless desire — and demonstrated ability — to push the creative envelope that separates Stove God from the rest. “Dope” isn’t an exception in the New York rapper’s catalogue — it’s a harbinger of artistic evolution.

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