2Eleven ft Slum Lord Trill and C.M.L. – “Big Business” (Prod by 89 Beats)

Today West Coast record label 4M Entertainment founded by music industry insider Big Business is bringing attention to 2Eleven’s new single aptly titled, “Big Business.” Led by Inglewood mainstay 2Eleven and featuring Slum Lord Trill and CML this song is now available on all major streaming sites and is an anthem for Big Business’ rapidly growing 4M Entertainment imprint.

Starting off as a resourceful connection in California for Bone Thugs n Harmony, Big Business started off as a “little bro” to the Grammy Award winning rap group providing them with connections on cars, multi-media production teams, producers, studios and whatever they needed. 

“I started off as just an assistant of sorts to Bone Thugs n Harmony being a young ni**a who’s just down. Then I started bringing things to the table; connections on cars, camera people, producers, studios, just different things that artists needed,” Big Business explained.  “I was also around a childhood friend named Topic who was signed to SRC Records and then I started making different things happen for YG 400. Putting security teams together, marketing strategies, dealing with street politics for artists. So with all of that going on I started my own management situation which eventually formed into me having my own label.”

Solidifying his roster of talent with a range of diverse artists, Big Business has planted seed after seed to grow his 4M Entertainment. To date his current roster includes, Cliché, Cap City Kid, Black Samm, the 06 Boys consisting of Real Jay the Great and Bang Bro, Nbm King, and Dolccee. 

“Currently I’m only working on singles and EP’s for the time being. Blakk Samm, Cap City Kid and the 06 boys all have EP’s out as of right now,” Big Business said.   “My goal for the upcoming year is to take all my artists to the next level. Get all my artists to their full potential and continue to grow as a label with new artists and new fanbases for each artist. You gotta make money moves and maintain.”

In fact the phrase “make money moves and maintain” is the motto that led to the naming of his 4M Entertainment brand. 

“Make money moves and maintain. Make the money, invest the money and maintain it, sit back and collect off of your investment, an idea I learned from real estate,” Big Business said. “The diversity on the label isn’t anything like the other labels out of LA. We have a few different personalities who have a lot to bring to the table. Creativity is at an all time high with this group of individuals and there’s a lot of talent that I look forward to showing to the world.”

Yoel Molina Law

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