Showtime Ramon Drops “Julius Erving” Feat. Illecism

Showtime Ramon ft. Illecism - Julius Erving

Showtime Ramon drops new “Julius Erving” single featuring Illecism.

Sacramento’s Showtime Ramon drops his new single titled “Julius Erving“. The song includes a guest feature by Illecism and it’s produced by Olehead. Showtime Ramon has the following to say about the single.

“I went through Oleheads beats to find something hard to get Illecism on. I listened to Illecism when I was in high school and was one of my favorite artists to listen to at the time. Illecism & I are on 2 tracks together already, “Allen Iverson” and “PowerHouse”. So I wanted something raw without autotune. I wanted to put my skill on display kind of raw and uncut, I knew Illecism would do the same. The track is kind of gritty with some juice too it!”

Yoel Molina Law

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