Liam Tracy and Fivio Foreign Connect for New Track “24/7”

Liam Tracy & Fivio Foreign - 24/7

Liam Tracy makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “24/7” featuring Fivio Foreign.

Blending different sounds and styles is commonplace for Liam Tracy, the New York born-and-raised rapper who’s released a slew of music since 2016. He’s attentive to trends in hip-hop, anticipating changes to the genre, then adapting ever so quickly. Across his extensive catalog, he’s explored melodic tracks with bass heavy production, lyrically-driven tracks on Statik Selektah’s beats, and everything in between. The result is a dynamic artist who can hold his own with and impress any artist in the rap game. With his latest track, Liam Tracy does exactly that, teaming up with Fivio Foreign for his third single of the year, “24/7,” produced by The Superiors & Thrill.

On “24/7,” Liam explores more melodic patterns, while Fivio delivers his patented drill energy that fans and listeners have come to expect from him. As both artists hail from New York, where melodic rap and drill music are currently the two most prevalent subgenres of hip-hop, it’s no surprise that their two styles mesh together perfectly, without clashing or overbearing one another. In fact, they feed off of each other to create a fantastic track. With Fivio coming off a major feature on Kanye’s hit track “Off The Grid,” Liam Tracy has tapped the burgeoning superstar at the perfect time and plans for this record to be a pivotal moment in his career.

When asked about the record, Liam explained to HipHopDX, “I am pushing to better myself 24/7 — whether it’s mentally or musically. This track is to big-up the people who feel that they got something to be proud of, the people who went through a lot along the way to get to where they are at and don’t plan on stopping. Fivio killed this. He is the definition of ‘hustle’ in my eyes and couldn’t have complimented the track any better. You can feel the things he’s saying on this record.”

Liam Tracy is no stranger to making good music – he’s been releasing hits since his debut album dropped in 2016. What’s impressive is that he only gets better. He’s more in touch with his sound, creating tracks that could take off in to the mainstream at any moment. And the moment could be now, with his new hit track, “24/7.”

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