Shottie & Tev95 Put Their Souls Into “Charged Up” Single

Shottie & Tev95 - Charged Up

Shottie & Tev95 come correct on this new single titled “Charged Up.”

It is not difficult to know when someone takes seriously their craft. You see an athlete that stands out from among the crowd in his or her sport you know that he or she put in work to become elite. This too rings true in Hip-Hop. The duo that is Shottie & Tev95 is back with an outstanding single.

Shottie & Tev95 are fully “Charged Up” after the release of MOSKVITCH 2.3 and they are taking their information global. The metaphoric bar work on this single is something that will make you excited to hear more from the duo. Listening to the single, it sounds like there are a few bars in there about Kanye and Drake. You be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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