ILL Knob Releases New “Epic Dawn” Single

Ill Knob - Epic Dawn

ILL Knob is back with his new single his calls “Epic Dawn.”

When you know something great is on the horizon, you approach things differently. Your energy is positive, and you look forward to what the day has for you.

Epic Dawn,” the new single from ILL Knob and produced by Epik The Dawn is a mellow toned deep track. “I just had fun getting lyrical while spitting sentences that had more than one meaning. I created this song from the idea that hip hoppers no longer support hip-hop but don’t understand why it’s disappearing, is what ILL Knob explained.

Witness the “Epic Dawn” of a new and brighter day for Hip-Hop. Press play on the single and leave a comment below.

Yoel Molina Law

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