Mike Titan, A7MC, Hilltop Productions & Cutsupreme Drop New “No Clown Shit”

Mike Titan, A7MC, Hilltop Productions & Cutsupreme - No Clown Shit

Mike Titan, A7MC & Hilltop Productions drop off the new “No Clown Shit” single.

There are songs you hear that immediately after the first 20 seconds, you know you are on to something. That is “No Clown Shit” for me. Everything about this track screams replay, replay, replay. First of all the rhymes and wordplay are so strong you want to hear again, and again.

Mike Titan, A7MC and Hilltop Productions along with Cutsupreme combine their talents on this new single called “No Clown Shit.” The titles of songs are sometimes misleading but not this time. The title of this track evokes a thought, and then you hear the rhymes and realize they match your thoughts. You will nod your head the entire three minutes plus. Press play on “No Clown Shit” below and let us know what you think.

Yoel Molina Law

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