Mike Titan & EndorfinBeats Deliver New “Hard Way” Single

Mike Titan & EndorfinBeats - Hard Way

Mike Titan and EndorfinBeats connect for this new single titled “Hard Way.”

Mike Titan drops off this new single he calls “Hard Way.” In this day where a come up can happen fairly quickly, it is less likely that someone had to come up the “Hard Way.” The devils are in the details when it comes to stepping out on your own trying to make your reality as great as possible.

Mike details how he had to develop his flow where he had to put in extra, like he was shooting in the gym. It can be a long journey when you do not have a network that you can utilize to help you achieve your goal. This is difficult especially when you know you are talented and you see these bums out here winning.

Mike Titan uses the musical backdrop from EndorfinBeats to give you pure passion. When you put in work and do things a certain way, people will eventually come around.

Yoel Molina Law

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