Mike Titan & IQ X Zcience Division Drop “What You Know” Single

Mike Titan & IQ X Zcience Division - What You Know

Mike Titan and IQ X Zcience Division connect for “What You Know” single.

This soulful, melodic Hip-Hop track is exactly what you need to start your week. What do you really know about Hip-Hop? We know Hip-Hop has provided much to those who have not contributed to it, only taken from it.

Mike Titan and IQ X Zcience ask the question, “What You Know” with the release of their latest single. In your lifetime, if you live longer enough, this question will be asked a number of times. What do you know about putting in work to make your visions happen?

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The lyrics of this song hit home for many in our Hip-Hop community. Many of us live in a different world than some that consume what we produce in Hip-Hop. They experience our lives through what we create. “What You Know” about that?

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