Miic Lee Is Riding With Her “Top Down”

Miic Lee - Top Down

Miic Lee makes her SpitFireHipHop debut with this “Top Down” single.

The Detroit femcee Miic Lee by away of Houston, is very confident in herself and it’s obvious on this new track “Top Down.” The fast paced, yet smooth track, lets you know she’s proud of being from “The D” and her lyrics reveal that she’s very self-assured. She doesn’t need a reminder.

One segment of the song goes, “Got the best wet wet baby boy wanna bet? I ain’t no buckets over here your shot missed ain’t no net.” She then goes on to rap about the extravagant life style of a baddie. That’s what Miic Lee does, she makes music for the boss up baddies. Go check out her new track for “Top Down” above.

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