S.T.Facts Releases The E. Smitty Produced “Let’s Go!”

S.T.Facts - Let's Go!

S.T.Facts makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “Let’s Go!” produced by E. Smitty.

The Crypto Phenomena continues to gain massive momentum as we get ever so closer to “Alt Coin Season” where millionaires & billionaires will be made overnight thanks to a slew of “Meme” coins and “Utility tokens“.  With the introduction of “NFT’s” also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, Music & Art have now entered the New Golden Age of Intrinsic & Monetary Value.  We’re going to see things that could never be imagined.

Introducing: S.T.Facts, the Portland Native Emcee who has a very unique and inspirational story to share.  Over-coming the woes of Prison, Homelessness & Addiction S.T.Facts is a standing testament that with self perseverance & the power of God, all things are possible & there is always opportunity for redemption even in the darkest hallways of life.

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“Let’s Go!” is an upbeat “Bay Area” inspired slapper. Produced by “E. Smitty” who also has his foot in the door as one of the top influencer’s on the internet for the Utility token “$XRP.”  While S.T.Facts brings his unique & motivating style to the #Dogecoin community, the two linked up on something that sounds so natural, it has to be meant to be.  

Spitting lyrics with meaning S.T.Facts brings a lot of energy and motivation for those who need it most during these amazing changing times.  An “NFT” was born from this collaboration, the buyer will receive T-Shirts, An Autograph from S.T.Facts & E. Smitty, & a piece of priceless Art that will continue to gain value.  Anyone can purchase the NFT for 1.5 $Ether, which the value jumped from $3,900 to around $4,700 just overnight.  The NFT can be found on “OpenSea” Marketplace, just click here LINK.


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