Khontkar, Downtown Dion & Harry Fraud Connect On “Istanbul” Single

Khontkar, Downtown Dion & Harry Fraud - Istanbul

Khontkar and Downtown Dion make their SpitFireHipHop debuts with Harry Fraud on “Istanbul” single.

Khontkar and Downtown Dion’s project came to fruition solely on the power of social media. 

Khontkar is Turkey’s top Hip-Hop artist, as each project, he releases quickly ascends to the top of the Turkish charts.  In 2019, Khontkar was sentenced to four years in prison due to the Turkish government’s claims that he “encouraged and publicized the use of drugs and stimulant substances” in his music.  The Turkish governments’ stance, not only heightened Khontkar’s popularity, but it made him a martyr and only increased his standing in his native country. 

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On his grind, Downtown Dion’s timeline was flooded by Turkish music fans who claimed his style would mesh with Khontkar’s, and soon after a producer for the Turkish artist reached out to alert Dion that Khontkar had been playing his song “Trigga Happy” upon his early release from prison.   As it turned out, Khontkar had been rocking with the Downtown Dion and Harry Fraud sound well before they met each other.

Soon after Khontkar was back home after his release from prison, they locked in and started creating the project that would become Fire Department. Khontkar & Downtown Dion’s Fire Department will be released on March 11, and today they give you an early preview of the project with their just released new single “Istanbul”; which is produced by Harry Fraud

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