King Shampz Highlights “M.G.M.” But It May Not Be What You Think

King Shampz - M.G.M.

King Shampz and his brother Azzan are back with a new single titled “M.G.M.”

King Shampz makes it clear what he is and what he does, and he couldn’t care less about what you think. Today he and his brother Azzan join us with their new single titled “M.GM.” Shampz talks about his street tales at the same time flipping nouns and verbs like your favorite English Teacher. Philadelphia is recognized for more than cheese steaks, they are also known for real emcees.

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Shampz and is blessed to have a brother who is a producer. These two have an unique sound that easily recognized and it fits the raspy sound that comes from Shampz. “M.G.M” has been the place of legendary events as depicted by the cover art for the single. “M.G.M” has a few meaning according to the lines from King Shampz. Whether it stands for “money guns mentality” or “make girls moan,” Shampz and Azzan are out for legendary status.

Yoel Molina Law

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