Mo Rukuz Releases The MindOverMatter Prod. “The Most Wicked” Feat. The Bad Seed & Weapon E.S.P

Mo Rukuz Feat. Bad Seed & Weapon E.S.P - The Most Wicked (Prod. MindOverMatter)

Mo Rukuz makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with “The Most Wicked” featuring The Bad Seed and Weapon E.S.P.

We think these three have cracked the code. If their dreams were to become real Hip-Hop artists, Mo Rukuz, The Bad Seed and Weapon E.S.P have accomplished just that. This single, “The Most Wicked” produced by MindOverMatter gives the vibe that something harmful or evil is happening or will soon happen.

It is all out war for these three emcees. Listening to “The Most Wicked” is action packed like the DC Comics movie “The Batman.” This track is explosive from start to finish and is only for those with a strong stomach. The title of the single explains everything you need to know about what Mo Rukuz, The Bad Seed, and Weapon E.S.P are spitting.

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