NEMS Drops “Bing Bong” Remix Feat. Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes & Styles P

NEMS feat. Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes & Styles P - Bing Bong (Remix)

NEMS connects with the Kings of New York, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and Styles P on “Bing Bong” remix.

With his new project, Bing Kong, scheduled for release on March 18, NEMS discusses how the “Bing Bong” single and its remix has changed his life and given him an appreciation for all the years of grinding.  “Listen, “Bing Bong” changed my whole life.  I have been grinding to get to the point I’m at now, for 10 to 15 years and two words changed that, and I’m enjoying every minute of it. To be looked at by the people I came up listening to, the legends, and my peers.

It’s like the fraternity is opening its doors, and I just got accepted into it. This is what I worked for, and to see little kids yelling my name, old ladies, everywhere I go; it’s validation for all the years of hard work–I love it!  If you’re making music, you’ve been doing it for a while, don’t give up. Stay true to yourself. Don’t jump out of character, don’t be somebody else man. If your shit is dope, it’s gonna work out, trust the process. Bing Bong!”

Today, Complex premiered NEMS “Bing Bong” (Remix) which features Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and Styles P, and he broke down how the remix came together. 

The artists that joined NEMS on the “Bing Bong” (Remix) is a lineup of true New York heavyweights.  “Fat Joe supported the track since it dropped, so I hit him and told him “Bing Bong” was getting a lot of play on the radio, and that I’m gonna do a remix. He told me to send it right over and he knocked it out” NEMS asserts.  “I wanted to make it, even more, NYC, so Vinny Idol (the producer of “Bing Bong”) also produces for D-Block, I told him I wanted to get Styles P on it as well, a few days later I had a verse from Styles. 

Nems – Lyricist Lounge Live Show

At this point, I’m happy to have two legends (Fat Joe & Styles P) on the remix and I was ready to turn it in when I randomly ran into Busta outside of a club in the city, you know NYC nights.  Busta was like “Yo, I love “Bing Bong” is there a remix?” I let Busta know that Joey Crack and Ghost were already on it and that I was about to turn it in, and he told me he would record a verse and get it to me tomorrow.  Busta was a man of his word; he sent the verse the next day and that’s how the “Bing Bong” (Remix)” came together.” 

Bing Kong also features two more remixes, an underground Remix featuring Vado and Shoota93 and an “H-Town” (Remix) featuring Trae Tha Truth and Paul Wall. 

NEMS Bing Kong will be released on March 18.

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