Mike Titan & A7MC Make Their Claim As “Creatively Superior”

Mike Titan & A7MC - Creatively Superior

Mike Titan and A7MC drop off their new single titled “Creatively Superior.”

Inviting a Titan to a battle is not the most wise thing to do. You smart thing to do with a Titan is to leave them to themselves, because when they get started it is difficult to stop them. Today Mike Titan and A7MC join us with this new single called “Creatively Superior.” When an artist claims to be superior they are one of two thing, insane or confident in their skills.

Mike Titan, Zcience Division & General Back Pain Are The New “Lost Disciples”

Mike Titan and A7MC are two artist who can claim to be “Creatively Superior” when the display skills like this. Their technique has proven to be immortal, and production from The Dead Poetz Society this should make the culture smile. This is a clear warning to artists out there who slacking on their skills. Press play on “Creatively Superior” with cuts by Fred Ones.

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