Realio Sparkzwell & Raticus Reveal Their “Inner G” On New Single

Realio Sparkzwell & Raticus - Inner G

Realio Sparkzwell and Raticus drop off their new “Inner G” single.

Realio Sparkzwell and Raticus share the new single “Inner G.” The new single is off their new “In Zilla We Trust” album. When someone has that “Inner G” there is no reason for them to play the part of a tough guy. Sometimes that “G” will allow the fake tough guy to back himself into a corner before they strike.

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The “Inner G” only shows his cards when it is absolutely necessary, and not a second before. Realio Sparkzwell is out to feed himself and his family and will not mind leaning heavily on anyone who needs it. Press play on “Inner G” below and leave a comment.

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