Jordana of Earth Links With Roshin For New Track “Hibiscus Flower”

Jordana of Earth feat. Roshin - Hibiscus Flower

Jordana of Earth releases “Hibiscus Flower” featuring Roshin.

Canada has become a music hub over the past few years. If you’ve been listening to hip-hop and pop music in the last decade, you are familiar with the variety of sounds Canada has produced, especially in Toronto.

Drake, Tory, and The Weeknd have opened doors for Canadians, and every day more artists are coming through that door. One artist we’d like to shed light on is Jordana of Earth. Jordana is a female artist from Toronto, who uses her vocals to sing soothing sounds of her emotions. It could be submissive and sexy, or fiery and fierce, regardless, Jordana sings her heart out.

She describes her music as a style that is introspective and deals with sex and relationships, so people that connect with her music are people on that level and going through those experiences. People who are navigating sex and romance. People who are dealing with relationship dynamics like intimacy and trust issues. The vibe is like sadgirl/baddie. On her newest track, “Hibiscus Flower” Jordana linked with fellow popular Canadian artist Roshin. On the track Jordana used her soft smooth voice to express her feelings.

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