Southern Comfy Connects With HomeBoy Sandman On ” Happy Me” Single

Southern Comfy feat. HomeBoy Sandman Happy Me

Southern Comfy releases “Happy Me” featuring HomeBoy Sandman.

The long awaited debut album from Alabama and South Florida partnership Southern Comfy which is comprised of 8ch2Owens and DJ Glibstylez dropped last Friday and it is full of singles to share with Hip-Hop heads around the world, especially the latest feel good jam featuring super emcee Homeboy Sandman titled “Happy Me.”

Southern Comfy (8ch2Owens & DJ Glibstylez) Help You Lift Your “Self Esteem” On New Single

An anthem for all those who are uncompromisingly themselves no matter what the current trend is or which direction the ants are marching. Be Happy Being You, and play this one on repeat, loud. Sing along if it moves you.

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