The Mighty Capeech Will Never Stop Winning On “Get Mines”

The Mighty Capeech - Get Mines

The Mighty Capeech returns with his latest single titled “Get Mines.”

We cannot believe it has been more than two years since we have The Mighty Capeech on SpitFireHipHop. That changes today as he is back with a new single called “Get Mines.” How does it feel when you know that you will always get yours no matter what happens? It feels good for your entire team as they know you will break bread with them without hesitation.

The Mighty Capeech – Better Dayz

The Mighty Capeech knows that feeling very well. He will always get his as long as the Earth is spinning. He knows that he will never stop winning because of the positive outlook he has. He is dissing all sucker energy so there is no reason to approach him with it. Press play on “Get Mines” below and go out and get it.

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