Kahlee & El Blue Release ‘Crazy’ Feat. 60 East & Creed Chameleon

Kahlee & El Blue feat. 60 East & Creed Chameleon - Crazy

Kahlee & El Blue drop off the new single call “Crazy” featuring 60 East and Creed Chameleon.

We last heard from Kahlee a few months ago when he and Innate Attack Social Ills released their “Soapbox Chronicles” EP. Today Kahlee and El Blue share the new single called “Crazy” which features 60 East and Creed Chameleon. Society is so strange it will have you thinking that being yourself is not good. When you decide not to do everything that everyone is doing it is sometimes looked upon as crazy.

Kahlee, Ralph Quasar, Ric Scales, Cali the Dreamer, Real J. Wallace, Miki Vale, Apollo & Beto Perez Release “For The Culture” Remix

You are not truly living unless you are doing what it is you planned to do with your life. It is taxing trying to fit what society wants you to be, this is why you should do what it is you want. This world will have you thinking you are “Crazy” because you believe in yourself. We say put the crazy jacket on and keep believing in yourself!

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