Meph Luciano Connects With Producer Markk Darkk On ‘June 1st’

Meph Luciano

Meph Luciano delivers his latest single called “June 1st.”

Meph Luciano releases a new single titled “June 1st.” On this single he remembers the feeling of getting the news about the transitioning of his dad. If you haven’t lost a parent you can’t fathom the emptiness it leaves inside. It sends to a place where everything slows and thoughts of what could I have done to prolong life for them.

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This is even more difficult when believe that the transitioning should not have happened when it did. “June 1st” is significant to Meph Luciano because of this reason. The emotions that one feels are sometimes unbelievably painful that is stops one from breathing. Listen to the Markk Darkk produced single below.

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