Psych Major & Reef The Lost Cauze Drop ‘Rather The Streets’ Feat. GDP & King Magnetic

Psych Major & Reef The Lost Cauze Feat. GDP & King Magnetic - Rather The Streets

Psych Major and Reef The Lost Cauze connect with featuring GDP & King Magnetic “Rather The Streets.”

Below System Records has released another rare gem from the back-files of producer Psych Major this morning. “Rather The Streets” features one of Philadelphia’s finest rhyme exports Reef The Lost Cauze along with his hard-hitting brethren King Magnetic and West Orange, New Jersey’s own GDP.

Possessed of gritty thundering drums and ethereal female vocals the beat creates an otherworldly yet head-nodding soundscape for the top-notch lyrical display of all three emcees.

Originally only released via soundcloud some years back Psych recalls, “I created this beat during an especially trying time in my life. I was working multiple shitty part-times as well as doing side hustles. One of these jobs was being the overnight clerk at this seedy trucker motel in New Jersey, It was dismal. I was hallucinating from lack of sleep and used the time to search for samples. When I found the soundtrack sample of the women chorus, it raised me out of my surroundings. I was amped to finish that shift and lay down the track and that’s what I did.”

Yoel Molina Law

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