Kahlee & El Blue Have Good “Intentions” On New Single

Kahlee & El Blue - Intentions

Kahlee and El Blue join forces for the new single titled “Intentions.”

When you first meet someone new you usually have a number of thoughts, and one of the first is what are their intentions. Past encounters keep us guarded to protect us from the pain we once experienced. Some of don’t have mentors that would provide direction which would help with making good decisions, and help to remain focused.

“It’s been a minute since I been this focused. The perfect time, it’s in sync with people taking notice.
My heart clouding up my brain.. Breakin chains of old pain and it’s no condolence.”

Kahlee & El Blue Release ‘Crazy’ Feat. 60 East & Creed Chameleon

Kahlee and El Blue connect with all good “Intentions.” Despite the OGs not showing any support, Kahlee continued to push forward to make good. You will never find Kahlee doing anything other than being authentic. “Feel that fire in my heart again… Been taking flight. Wood pipe in a cardigan, dark hairs turning white. Growing old they used to say this shit’s a young man’s sport. I just know, no OGs show enough support.”

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