Staxx410 Drops The Jamil Honesty Prod. “Pearl Of Bahudine” Feat. Rockness

Staxx410 feat. Rockness - Pearl Of Bahudine

Staxx410 connects with Rockness on “Pearl Of Bahudine” single.

Pure unadulterated grit! Baltimore emcee Staxx410 has unleashed a fireball of a new single “Pearl Of Bahudine” (Black House Records) featuring the legend Rockness Monsta (Heltah Skeltah) and produced by Jamil Honesty. As Rock is known for his unique flow and unmistakable voice Staxx410 is equally distinguishable with a raspy and ill style that makes this track adrenaline-laced for the ruffnecks.

Capped with some well-chosen sound bites from OG supervillain Megatron, Staxx410 says of the track “I met Rock at a Duck Down event back in 2016 and been wanting to do a track with him for a few years now. I came up with the title and the concept being a fan of the original Transformers cartoon and Rock being a Decept. It aligned perfectly!”

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