Makeba Mooncycle Releases The Exclusive “MOVE Dedication To The Movement” MiLKCRATE Remix

Makeba Mooncycle - MOVE Dedication To The Movement (MiLKCRATE Remix)

Makeba Mooncycle releases new “MOVE” Dedication To The Movement remix.

Makeba Mooncycle joins us today with the MiLKCRATE remix for “MOVE.” The “Move” organization was founded by John Africa in 1972. The organization was very helpful to the People In West Philadelphia but their was someone or some group of people did not like this. It started with a knock on the door. The Philadelphia police then bombed an entire city block.

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Makeba Mooncycle hits a homerun with “MOVE” as her descriptive lyrics give you insight into the way John Africa challenged the government. “Who will step up and right this wrong” Makeba asks as she describes on the MOVE movement was violently dismantled. Press play on “MOVE” and leave a comment.

Yoel Molina Law

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