Shirt Goes Hard On “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)”

Shirt - Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)

Shirt delivers new single titled “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God).”

Picking up the pace following their debut single “Death To Wall Art,” New York multiform artist Shirt with GRAMMY® Award-wining producer Jack Splash [Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Alicia Keys] deliver us their new single entitled “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)” out today. The song bulldozes the way for their anxiously awaited collaborative project, I Turned Myself Into Myself, being released on November 22.

Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)” fuses Shirt’s airtight flow and wordplay with an off-kilter groove. Serving as the opening track of the new album, the song highlights bold ideas from the artist regarding the times we live in, covid, mass shootings, influencer culture, and traumatic upbringings. “Beef With God” is meant to articulate the larger idea of challenging even your heroes. Engaging with the phrase conceptually, adding it to the title of the work, and tagging the account on Instagram of the same name, we learn @BeefWithGod is actually an art and choreography practice and moniker by Shirt’s friend, the artist Renata Pereira Lima.

Shirt Talks About A Lost Art On “Death To Wall Art”

Influenced by notions of postmodern dance, Beef With God are Guerilla-style interventions by Renata executed in the form of live dance performances and happenings, that Shirt has been particularly inspired by for some years now. Speaking directly to Dave Chappelle’s recent statements and comedy routines referencing the LGBTQ community as well as cancel culture at large, Shirt sends a message straight from the heart to the iconic comedian, rapping, “I might’ve learned to fight ‘fore I learned to talk––I got a slick mouth, you already know it. I don’t wanna hear your musty Chappelle opinion. I don’t need your review, I read a million. I’d tell that man to his face: You hurt people and put people in danger. Simple as that, the jokes put people in danger. The dummies think it’s funny. I think you should be more careful who you make comfy––I don’t care about the money.”

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