Choco Valens Sounds The Alarm With The Release Of “Death Whistle”

Choco Valens - Death Whistle

Choco Valens drops off his new single titled “Death Whistle.”

If you are familiar with the Aztec people you will know about the “Death Whistle” and the stories behind it. It was used during special ceremonies like the Day Of The Dead. They also used the “Death Whistle” during battle with other tribes. The “Death Whistle” made a lot of noise and would cause problems for their enemies and allow them to be victorious in battle.

Choco Valens is such a professional when it comes to these rhymes. His “Death Whistle” is very loud and his enemies have no chance to defeat him. Choco shines the light on all rats running around in the dark and then exterminates everyone of them with each bar he spits. Press play on the new single below and leave a comment.

Yoel Molina Law

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