Katherine Swain Harmonizes For “Changes”

Katherine Swain and Rhyrmcka deliver an unmatched R&B and Hip Hop nuptial in “Changes.” The charting single is produced by Bookowski for Fantom of the Beat.

Swain’s vocal ballad, boisterous at times, flows over a reminiscent backdrop of 70’s Pam Grier soul with instrumental loops. She narrates a familiar tale of broken promises. Like a record stuck on repeat Swain continues to hear baby I’ll change, but the change never comes. Meandering through NYC as NYC feels her right back, Swain has a life-altering decision to make. Rhyrmrcka comes in with a lyrical bout to back her up as her vocals fade out. Stream “Changes” and connect with the singing phenom below.

Stream “Changes” on preferred platforms- https://orcd.co/kschanges




Writers: Katherine Swain

Fantom of the Beat  

Delmar Coward 

Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski 

Produced by Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski for Fantom of the beat.

Mixed by A kid named Cus

Mastered by Tim Boyce

Additional vocal production by Pleasant Russell

Yoel Molina Law

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