Hubbs Talks Of What “Grand Ma Ma” Taught On New Single

Hubbs - Grand Ma Ma

Hubbs drops new “Grand Ma Ma” single.

Earlier this year the lyricist know to many as Hubbs dropped an album titled “Winston Zeddemoore.” His energy on this album is so infectious that it is difficult not to allow it to engulf you as you hang on to every word. That is energy that you get from him on each of his releases.

How many of you had a grandmother that taught you much about life before you could go out and experience it yourself? That might be a large number of you in this culture. Those grandmothers meant well but life updates like software and what grandmother experienced was different by the time you cam of age.

HUBBS Kills Ghosts In “’56 Formal” Visual Off His “Winston Zeddemoore” Album

Hubbs pens another work of art in “Grand Ma Ma” over the soundscapes provided by Big Jerm. What artist do you know that says he gave God his pen, so now God writes with him? Well, Hubbs is that artist. It is such an experience when listening to Hubbs as he digs deep within himself to give you a vision from his vantage point.

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