Casscade Releases New “Running Man (UK)” Single

Casscade - Running Man (UK)

After the resounding success of his previous singles “Real Love,” “Day And Night” and “Signs” that garnered attention from notable platforms and tastemakers such as DJ Semtex, North West London’s dynamic rapper and songwriter, Casscade, is back with another compelling release but this time, in the form of a summer banger; “Running Man“. The artist, known for his unique blend of Hip-hop, Pop-rap and R&B, showcases his lyrical prowess and creativity once again.

Running Man” is a powerful track that is written so well that, while initially packaged as a summer banger, metaphorically delves into the relentless pursuit of financial success and the personal sacrifices it entails. A picture is being painted while still being able to get off slick lines such as “Bread gets me fired up, so lets make a toast”. As listeners peel back the layers of each lyric, they will uncover a vivid portrayal of the true essence of a “Running Man.”

A “Running Man” is relentlessly driven by the pursuit of financial success, constantly on the move to achieve their goals, often sacrificing personal well-being and morals in the process. Despite outward success, they experience internal struggles, coping with stress and the emotional toll of their ambition. They are aware of the sacrifices and moral dilemmas but remain focused on their financial objectives at all costs.

This serves as the final offering Casscade’s forthcoming EP titled “Found The Remote Lost The Control” which is set for release July 16th.

Yoel Molina Law

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