Reez & Piff Penny Get “Zooted” For The Holiday

Reez feat. Piff Penny - Zooted

Warning! Getting “Zooted” while listening to this insane track by Reez and Piff Penny will cause massive enjoyment. Bar work mixed with creative storytelling; these two emcees are bringing originality over a fun beat. Produced by ear catching Yung Nab the energy you get from listening lets you know he is well seasoned in his craft. Reez hailing from Harford CT, knows how to have a good time. Know’d for his witty bars, “Reez” nails this one to the tee. The hook is catchy and simple.

Piff Penny feature has always been an eye opener. His delivery has a special ingredient that you crave. Wordplay on Yung Nab beat going bananas. Overall, this is a great way to start off the summer. I highly recommend checking out the emcees and the producer’s social media outlets below.

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