Critics Raving KRS-One “THE B.D.P ALBUM” Is his Best Work Since 1992


THE BDP ALBUM is available for purchase at 6.8.2 Records, iTunes and Amazon.

Twenty years in the making, Hip Hop Pioneer KRS-One finally releases highly anticipated record ‘THE BDP ALBUM’. In a time whereBDP real talent and music is hard to find THE BDP ALBUM has arrived to make a lasting change in music for the better. Unlike preceding albums this record has three specific songs chosen by the fans “Tote Guns”, “Do It”, and “Times Up – Feat. Jesse West”. The fourteen track BDP ALBUM was overseen as every album since his death has been by DJ Scott La Rock and is Executively Produced by Canada’s 6.8.2 Records. The Producer for majority of the record is none other than DJ Kenny Parker who says; “The BDP Album is KRS how I like to hear him as a KRS-One fan.”

Most importantly KRS-One is THE BLASTMASTER full force, something the critics are raving over “THE B.D.P ALBUM is KRS-One’s best work since 1992 Sex and Violence” BDP’s Kenny Parker delivers uniquely hypnotic boom bap rhythms with a familiar island feel. Parker does not drift far from the original BDP sound and has you reminiscent of the good old days with a spicy new era feel.


BET LifeTime Achievement Award Recipient Lawrence Parker better known as KRS-One (an acronym for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.) KRS-One was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY but left at the age of 14 to pursue his MC vision in the South Bronx. Parker has been rapping in the music industry since the early eighties paving the way for Hip Hop and cultivating its culture. He created Boogie Down Productions with DJ Scott La Rock in the mid eighties and has released twenty albums since continually keeping the BDP legacy alive. KRS-One is currently touring the album in Australia.


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