Hip-hop showdown: Azealia Banks vs. Iggy Azalea

By: Dave Lewis

Both rappers drop new songs this week but only one can survive!!!

Azealia BanksIn the modern pop music world, you’re no one unless your beefing with someone. Preferably someone with almost the exact same name.

After newcomer Iggy Azalea was the first female rapper to be included in XXL’s esteemed freshman class issue, fellow MC — and confusingly monikered — Azealia Banks took to Twitter to voice her discontent about the rapper and some of her lyrics. Now, with both artists dropping new tracks this week, the rivalry heads into round 2.

If this was an actual race, Banks’ new “F*ck Up The Fun” would be the winner by a mile; the “212” rapper’s speedy, complex flow leaves Azalea in the dust, at times reaching the velocity usually reserved for Big Boi or Busta Rhymes. The Diplo-produced track features some aggressive drum-heavy rhythms that perfectly fit the giggly, NSFW diss track (who is she dissing? Sounds like anyone and everyone). Diplo (also of Major Lazer) worked with M.I.A. on her first album, and that sound seems to be a part of “The Fun’s” DNA. Banks’ debut album, “Broke With Expensive taste,” will be released in September on Universal.


Listen here:

[mp3j track=”Fuck-Up-The-Fun@Fuck-Up-The-Fun.mp3″]


Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea has one of rap’s heaviest hitters in her corner. T.I. recently added the Aussie rapper to his Grand Hustle Team (she’s signed to Interscope), and he stops by to add a hot verse to her latest jam, “Murda Bizness.” Like the title indicates, Azalea is not into taking prisoners. The single is a slow Southern-style ditty with an M.I.A.-esque “Click clack bang bang” refrain and a whole lot of trash talk. But that’s about it.

T.I. is working in her debut album.

Listen to “Murda Bizness” here:

It would sound great bumping from an Escalade, but it lacks the urgency and, um, fun of Banks’ “Fun.”

The winner: Azealia Banks.

Which song do you like better?




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