Hip Life Star In Studio With Jay Z

Hip life artist Sky Tee formally of 8pm Boys fame whose debut album ‘hyia me na gye’ hit the airwaves and TV screens a couple of years ago is currently in studio with hip hop legend Jay Z working on his first solo album after splitting from 8pm Boyz group.
Sky Tee
Speaking in an exclusive interview with a section of the media, sky Tee revealed that the desire to hit the international market instigated him to bring on board the high profile hip hop artist.

According to him, music like sports is an international brand and therefore the only way Ghanaian artist can derive the deserving dividends from their works is to collaborate with already established internationally known artist.

The album which is titled “The Top Job” is likely to be released later this year. “This album is the manifestation of the hard work I’ve been doing over the past ten years as an underground artist both in Ghana and South Africa and I am so glad we have been able to pool it through”

I must say that my production team has done a marvelous job by pulling through this collaboration”. “I didn’t believe it would be possible to get Jay on this album but it happened.” He said.

He called on hip-hop artist to place high value on the profession as it remains one industry that can boost the nation’s foreign exchange.

He also called on government to help the local music industry flourish by injecting the much needed capital in the industry to ensure that the needed equipment and infrastructure to make the local music industry break into the international sector.

He called on the legislature to pass stringent laws that would discourage people from pirating.”

“If government is really committed to tackling the unemployment situation, then investment in the music industry is one sure way of reducing the massive unemployment situation in the country”

“One successful musician can employ as many fifty other people so what happens when hundred musicians are successful.”

He added that Ghana has a country has not been able to take full advantage of its, unique musical culture and rhythm as far as the international market is concerned.

He has therefore pledged to fly high the flag of the nation in the area of music just as the National Soccer Teams have done in in the past.

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