The Miami International Film Festival delivers Chinese hip-hop and Argentine culture clashes

By Ciara LaVelle and Camille Lamb


They call it the Miami International Film Festival, and not just because it goes down in Miami. The fest’s films are all designed to appeal to a Magic City audience, whether they’re filmed locally, produced by or starring local talent, or addressing themes that are of particular interest to the three-oh-five.

As the 2012 edition approaches its conclusion on Sunday, we’re taking a look at a handful of films that should resonate especially well in our hood. In closing-night selection Chinese Take-Away, we see a touchingly funny portrayal of clashing cultures that we know only too well. Underground Hip-Hop in China takes us into a nascent musical revolution on the other side of the globe, reminding rap fans of life before Pitbull. Set in St. Augustine, Born and Raised offers a close-to-home respite from Miami’s urban mayhem. And what better parable for our city’s glitzy fame-seekers than Hombre y Tierra, in which an Internet star is hunted in a remote jungle?

Films will screen daily through March 11. Tickets cost $12 for screenings and $14 for gala showings. For more film fest coverage, visit or

Chinese Take-Away

With Hollywood endlessly recycling old ideas, it’s easy to believe there’s nothing new under the sun in the film world. At first, Chinese Take-Away seems to confirm that suspicion. It’s the story of Roberto (Ricardo Dar

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