50 Cent Says Young Buck’s Intellectual Property Belongs To His Label

50 and Young Buck

50 Cent says the intellectual property and recordings of Young Buck belongs to his label, G-Unit.

As was previously reported, Young Buck’s intellectual property was going up for grabs due to the rapper’s bankruptcy.

Now The Wall Street Journal reports that 50 Cent, who originally signed Buck in 2004, is laying claim to Young Buck’s assets.

50 says their still-standing record agreement covers much of Young Buck’s intellectual property, and so his lawyers are asking the judge in Buck’s case to block the sale until they can figure out what Young Buck is and is not allowed to sell.

“The creditors are left with no choice but to file this opposition to ensure that the trustee is not seeking to adversely affect the creditors’ rights in assets that they own, or in which they have rights and interests,” 50’s attorneys wrote in court papers filed last week.

50 claims that his label owns 100% of all rights to the recordings Buck did for G-Unit, and exclusive rights “to distribute, reproduce, and authorize adaptations and all performances in whatever form”.

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