E-40 Speaks On Fake Notorious B.I.G. Concert In Sacramento

E40 and BIG

E-40 denies having ever set up a fake concert for Biggie that almost got the New York legend killed.

It’s widely known fact that the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac’s infamous feud found east coast emcees taking up arms against their west coast brethren. Now, in a recent with Hip Hop Wired, friend of Pac and Bay Area legend in his own right E-40 sheds light on a lesser known incident involving Biggie performing in Sacramento.

Back in 2007 in a documentary, Biggie’s former manager Larry Burns alleged that E-40 set up a fake concert and had associates hold B.I.G. at gun point after the Brooklyn rapper expressed his disdain for E-40’s music in an interview. Now, 40 Fonzarelli explains that the rumors that he set-up the shakedown are false, saying that he didn’t even know that Biggie was in his neck of the woods on the night in question.

“It was just unfortunate – [B.I.G.] was out there in the Bay, and my folks got on his helmet – I got on the phone and he pow-wowed with me [about the concert incident],” he said. “I will say this – I didn’t set that [fake concert] up…I didn’t even know that he was out there to be honest with you. My folks just out there, they reacted [to his presence]. So [Biggie’s people] hit me, we pow-wowed, got him back safe and that was that, man…you know that I’m so real that I never even spoke on it. His folks spoke on that, I never brought it up.”

Check out the full interview over at Hip Hop Wired. The clip from the documentary in question can be found below.



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