Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Collaboration With Action Bronson

Khalifa and Action BronsonWiz Khalifa recently linked up with Action Bronson to record a new track produced by Harry Fraud, just a taste of what’s to come from the pair. During an interview with MTV2’s Sucker Free, the Taylor Gang leader explained how he linked with Bronson and how they have plans to record more songs together in the future.

“I actually recorded a song with him, it’s an amazing song. Harry Fraud did the beat. I actually went out of my norm of what I usually do, because when I like somebody, I’m just a fan and like all their stuff and I never get a chance to do anything with them. As soon as I figured out I like Action, I was like, I’ma work with this dude,” he said. “So I hit him up and I saw him down at SXSW and I got his email and he sent me the track, it was amazing and I just knocked it out. I sent him some stuff too.  But we just going to go back and forth. I like his vibe and everything that he’s doing. I just want to encourage everybody who’s popping now and doing hot stuff, to stay doing what you doing. Do free stuff, get show money and don’t attach yourself to anything just yet. Stay self-contained.”

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